Done for you and done with you.

It’s like having a social media management department down the hall.

e-Merge Online Marketing  helps marketing managers, business owners, and aging services organizations meet their long-term goals using social media management, develop internal and external social media policies, social media coaching, and social media training – with a grown-up approach in the young world of social media.

More awareness. More relationships. More leads and sales. We Get It.

Social Media Management is more than creating a Facebook Fan page, creating a Twitter account or setting up a LinkedIn profile and hoping the results will be immediate. From strategy to navigating audience concerns, our trained professionals will help you meet a variety of business goals.

Use social platforms to their full potential, gain a relevant audience engaged in your content, and plan social media advertising to reach more of your customers than ever before.

We introduce  you to our 6-Point Social Media Planning process to put a strategy in place. That’s right, we talk to you like grown-ups do.

Trust over transactions

We’ll meet with you face-to-face or over the phone to make sure the plan and its outcomes work best for you. If you’re tired of paying for social media support like you’re going through the check-out at the grocery store, we get you.

We talk to your customer, not at them.

Stop shouting at your customers, please.  Plenty of social media companies have plans that charge by the number of posts, but social media is more than blasting out your message. At e-Merge Online Marketing, we know the best quality interaction with your customers is a dialogue. As part of our services we monitor social conversations, offer responses, and recommend a plan of action if things get heated.

We won’t simply do what’s popular; we’ll do what’s right.

Fads vanish and we’re here for the long game.  No solution works the same for every situation so we separate the fads and the fiction from the strategies that make sense for your business goals. Expect us to make no-nonsense suggestions, and champion decisions that are right for your business and audience. That’s what grown-up social media is about.