It all started with a seismic shift in my career. My time of full-time employment at a non-profit was coming to a close. I had an idea.

While working for the non-profit, I had to do some exploring about social media and I learned one big thing. Online marketing companies didn’t understand business. I did, so now I busted my tail to learn about the wide, wild-world of social media. I did that, too through an opportunity from the State of MN, Department of Economic Development to get smarter in business and certified in all things social media and other elements of online marketing.

Social Media Marketing in the Aging Services Industry

Diving into providing social media management in the aging services space was an interesting transition. Working with a variety of industries, brands, and companies of all sizes posed a challenge of constantly having to switch focus on different business efforts.

That all changed in 2014 when we were introduced to; and asked to provide social media management support for the documentary film Glen Campbell…I’ll Be Me working closely with the teams at Volunteers of America to support the national screening tour.

Our primary business focus today is providing social media management, marketing and advertising services that support and enhance any business in the aging services market.

Taking my advice to “Work Smarter, Not Harder.”

Entrepreneurs work hard. You work hard. I needed a team that would work smart AND hard for both of us: you and the company.

I brought in Theresa, my wife because we shared a vision. We wanted to do what we do best, what we love, and do it where we love—without compromising our commitment to our clients.

On our team, that means I work on company strategy, new products, processes, and operational implementation.

Theresa and the rest of our team internalize your brand, add creativity and writing expertise, and deliver your story in a targeted social media plan to build awareness, loyalty, and deep relationships.

We’ll let you know how our story continues to unfold.

Dick Fisher, Chief Social Officer

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