November 2017

Correlation between 5-star ratings and social media reviews


Is there a difference between 5-star ratings and social media reviews? I recently read an article questioning the validity of social media ratings in long-term care vs. the rating system provided by CMS and I think the conversation should be expanded on. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services did a fantastic job when they [...]

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December 2014

Online Marketing Trends for 2015


Online Marketing Trends for 2015 Looking ahead to 2015, marketers prepare for the upcoming trends. With digital marketing constantly changing, some of the Online Marketing Trends for 2015 we will be taking a close look at are: Quality Content Continues to Evolve Google is expected to continue releasing updates that rank websites with quality content higher [...]

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March 2014

2014 Online Marketing Trends


Online marketing, like everything else on the internet is constantly evolving. What we knew last year isn't what we will see in the area of online marketing trends and that includes the paradigm shift from outbound techniques towards inbound techniques. Content will be more important than ever, new buzz words like micro-video and an even [...]

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October 2013

What Is Responsive Design?


As the number of devices, platforms and browsers that can display your website grows, having one site that works on literally any screen is becoming critical for your business. The big driver for this is the drastic shift towards mobile. Tables and smart phones have now become more prevalent than desktops and laptops for searching [...]

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June 2013

Why Blogs are Powerful Tools for SEO


How do I write a blog post suitable for SEO? Have you started to notice that more blog entries are shows up in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) when you do an internet search for something? The reason is actually pretty simple. Each individual blog article that is written is another webpage on your [...]

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April 2013

The Three Types of Website Traffic


  Website traffic is essential. If you have no visitors coming to your site, you have no one buying, calling, reading or taking any other sort of action on the website you probably spent many dollars and or a lot of time developing.   Website traffic comes from three different areas: Direct, Search, Referral Direct [...]

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October 2012

Social Media Marketing Plan – Social Media


Social Media has moved from the back burner to the forefront of online marketing tactics. There are two compelling reasons for this: The first is that more businesses are benefiting from the conversations their customers are having online. We know that consumers trust the recommendations of friends and families over any form of advertising available [...]

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Social Media Marketing Plan – Blogging


Blogging should be an integral part of your online marketing solution. Not only does it provide your readers with pertinent and relevant information about your business but it has also proven to be extremely beneficial from an SEO perspective. To get started, let’s take a look at a couple of intro points: Get more familiar [...]

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July 2012

Social Small Businesses are Growing


The past presidential elections have shed new light on how the candidates communicate with the people they want to vote for them – Social Media. This election season has already proven to be no different. As the elections approach, the candidates will focus on their key issues and in this economy; one of the biggest [...]

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April 2012

New to SEO? Start Here …


First of all, let me say that SEO isn’t a task or something you “check off” and you are done. To do SEO correctly, it requires ongoing efforts (and a little stamina). It takes an understanding that optimization consists of many moving parts. I read an analogy once that said “Good SEO is kind of [...]

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